ASTRA Platform Services

ASTRA Platform Services (APS) operates one of Europe’s most modern broadcasting centres. ASTRA Platform Services provides technical support for broadcasters and production companies and offers a comprehensive range of services for the preparation and transmission of content for TV and radio channels. These include digital archiving and playout, as well as preparation and transmission of content via satellite, over the internet or to mobile reception units.

Today, ASTRA Platform Services broadcasts some 200 analogue and digital TV and radio programmes and also offers interactive and data services. As Germany’s first playout centre, they also provides a complete HDTV playout service for HD channels. Clients include well-known German broadcasters from both the public and private sphere, as well as Pay-TV providers, rights owners, cable network operators and global companies. ASTRA Platform Services is a subsidiary of SES ASTRA.

For more information, visit ASTRA Platform Services website.